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[COSRX] Full Fit Propolis Synergy Pad - 155ml (70pcs)

Remarkable synergy of moisturizing glow filling propolis for glowing skin
Moisturize the skin, Skin radiance, Skin nutrition.
Contains 84% of 3 kinds of propolis extract.
Contains 84% of TRIPLE PROPOLIS EXTRACT to easily nourish and give healthy glow to rough skin.
Daily Propolis Refreshing Care.
The idea that propolis is only used in winter.
It is not heavy or sticky, and it is a fresh propolis ingredient that delivers the nutrients and radiance necessary for the skin!
2-STEP Vegan Emboss Fabric - Use vegan embossed fabric gently when applying and wiping gently.
Wipe gently with embossed cotton and tap with a smooth cotton to let it absorb.

[How to use]
1. After cleansing, gently wipe the entire face with an embossed surface in the direction of the skin texture , except around the eyes.
2. Turn the pad over and tap the skin lightly with a soft surface to absorb the contents.
3. After use, close the lid to seal the pad so that it does not dry out.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 155ml (70pcs)

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