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[d'Alba] Waterfull Sleeping Pack - 1pack (4ml x 12pcs)

Absorbs nutrients all night long to the skin irritated and stressed from the external environment to relive skin fatigue & replenish vitality energy.
Single packaging for clean and easy one-time application.
Moisturize comfortably while sleeping, without residue on the blanket or pillows.
Penetrates deep into the skin without stickiness or greasiness.
Moisturizes the skin all night long, providing a moisturized skin base for better makeup and a boost in morning skin energy!
Protects your skin to prevent oil and moisture loss during the night and strengthen your skin barrier with various nutrients.
8 types of hyaluronic acid provide rich moisturizing for smooth and healthy glowing skin.

[How to use]
Spread generous over the entire face.
Rinse in the next morning.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (4ml x 12pcs)

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