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[D.STEADY] Step3 Nourishing Mask Serum 25ml by Amore Pacific

[STEP1]-Clearing -> [STEP2]-Boosting -> [STEP3]-Hydrating or Brightening or Nourishing -> [STEP4]-Barrier
Step by step according to my skin type 1 pack per day !

[ STEP1 Clearing Mask Serum ]
Gently exfoliates to create a comfortable skin care start.
Minimizes skin irritation and keeps skin wastes clean.
Effectively exfoliates and makes skin texture smooth without drying.
Natural AHA Clearing Serum.
Gauze sheets of natural materials.

[ STEP2 Boosting Mask Ampoule ]
Solves the thirst of the skin and delivers the active ingredient.
Provides moisture to skin surface to create moist skin.
Nanohyaluronic acid ampoule.
A waffle sheet filled with water.

[ STEP3 Hydrating Mask Serum ]
It is the core function of the skin, moisturizing and elasticity to care for healthy skin.
Simultaneously moisturizes and gives elasticity to create a smooth, volume skin.
The microfiber sheet maximizes the tightening force and delivers the active ingredient tightly.
Vegetable collagen serum.

[ STEP3 Brightening Mask Serum ]
Makes your skin more radiant without drying.
Vitamin C derivatives and niacinamide lighten dark and dull skin.
The microfiber sheet maximizes the tightening force and delivers the active ingredient tightly.
Vitamin C serum.

[ STEP3 Nourishing Mask Serum ]
It reduces the dryness of the skin and makes the skin smooth.
Panthenol and adenosine improve wrinkles and nourishment.
Thin, transparent and natural skinfit sheets increase adhesion.
Panthenol serum.

[STEP4 Barrier Mask Cream ]
It creates a strong and firm skin barrier.
The ceramide ingredient forms a firm moisturizing film to prevent water evaporation.
The cream wrapping sheet melts smoothly in response to skin temperature and delivers the active ingredient.
Ceramide cream.

[How to use]

1. Hold both wings at the top of the pouch and open the package.
2. Remove the support at the top and bottom of the sheet and attach it to the face.
3. Remove the sheet after about 10 to 20 minutes.
4. Absorbs the remaining contents lightly.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pcs

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