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[DeARANCHY] Derma pH Care Calming Cream - 100ml

Begin skin pH management!
High nutrition cream that restores skin oil and moisture balance and skin elasticity with tea tree extract, natural olive, ceramide, and panthenol.
Butter-like cream that wraps the skin in a nutritious way/ Mildly acidic hypoallergenic cream for sensitive and weak skin / Nutrient ingredients that activate at skin temperature and wrap the skin and moisturize it overnight.
Contains Natural Olive and Ceramide - A combination of olive oil with excellent skin moisturizing film formation, regeneration, and antioxidant, and ceramide, which is a skin barrier component, strengthens your skin barrier.
Contains Wintergreen leaf extract - Used by North American indigenous people for centuries, wintergreen has excellent anti-inflammatory effect because it contains ingredients such as methyl salicylate.
Contains Squalane - A component that helps release waste products and activate metabolism to supply oxygen into cells, creating new cells and making skin elastic and shiny.

[How to use]
At the last step of basic makeup, take an appropriate amount and massage evenly until it is completely absorbed by the face.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 100ml

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