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[DeARANCHY] Derma pH Care Calming Toner - 180ml

Balance your skin pH with this calming toner.
This toner with 96% of the tea tree complex balances your skin to slightly acidic which is the ideal pH level.
Contains Tea Tree Complex - 96% of the product is a tea tree complex that includes tea tree oil, tea tree water, and tea tree extract to soothes and moisturize effectively. Tea tree is known as an excellent ingredient for soothing and hydrating that was loved by many people for a long time since ancient Australians discovered it to treat acne and wounds.
Contains Citric acid - Citric acid extracted from fruits such as tangerine and lemon helps to improve skin texture and tone by trimming the skin's keratin. The mild acidic level makes the toner hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.
Contains Carbonated hot spring water - increases skin elasticity, cleanses pores deeply, soothes skin swelling, and brightens your skin tone. Hot spring generally contains plenty of components known to make the skin more smooth and supple.
Non-greasy toner that absorbs quickly makes you feel fresh and light.

[How to use]
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and gently apply to your skin with or without a cotton pad.

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- Volume : 180ml

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