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[DeARANCHY] Moisture Coating Cream - 100ml

This is a super-moisturizing cream that protects that skin from harmful environments and adds moisture to your skin by creating a natural moisturizing coating film.
This is the solution as a water in oil type that locks all moist in your skin should be used as the last step of your skin care routine.
Perfect cream for sensitive and/or dry skin
Contains Carbonated hot spring water - increases skin elasticity, cleanses pores deeply, soothes skin swelling, and brightens your skin tone.
Contains Jeju plant complex - Jeju seaweed that helps recovering damaged skin, a flower that is called Crinum Asiatcium that grows mostly in Jeju Island soothes and calms your skin, Jeju tangerine that works as skin antioxidant.
Contains Bifida ferment lysate - Helps reactive skin become less sensitive to environmental aggressors via strengthening its microbiome. Doing so it encourages skin to visibly repair itself and begin looking healthier. It also improves common, often uncomfortable skin concerns. Provides deep moisturizing with anti-aging effect.

[How to use]
Use this product at the finishing stage of skin care.
Take an appropriate amount and gently apply and lightly absorb.

Use it before sunscreen or makeup products to protect skin from irritating ingredients of many makeup products.
Natural oil film minimizes the loss of nutrients in the previous step.
It is effective for intensive care of focused area such as stretch marks.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 100ml

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