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Brand: dixionist
Product Code: dixionist_391275
Weight 598 g
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[dixionist] Cyforest Mini Trio Pouch Special Set - 1set (4 items)

Cyforest Fresh PHA Toner - 100ml (S)
Cyforest Water Foaming Cleanser - 100ml (S)
Cyforest Essence Infusion Cream - 18ml (S)
dixionist Craft Pouch - 1pcs

dixionist Craft Pouch : Inspired by recycled paper packaging, this pouch is made of Tyvek, which looks like paper but has strong durability and excellent recyclability.

[How to use]
Please use the appropriate amount of each product appropriately.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 100ml + 100ml + 18ml + Pouch

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