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[DOCTORCOS] Brightening Pineapple Skin Pulling - 100ml

DOCTORCOS Pineapple Pulling : Makeup cleansing + Pore cleansing + Skin relax + Moisturize at once.
Removing deep make-up and Lip & eye only use Pineapple Pulling From point make-up to removing of foundation.
Dead skin cell removing, Moisturized cleanser, Super simple All in one cleansing.
It contains ananas sativus(pineapple) fruit extract, carica papaya(papaya) fruit extract, and natural cellulose, which wastes in the pore, and dead skin cells with out irritation, making the skin bright and smooth.

[How to use]
[Makeup Cleansing]
To remove make-up, take an appropriate amount of contents and gently cleanse while rolling like a light massage on the entire face, and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
Please avoid your eyes.

[General Cleansing]
Take an appropriate amount and roll like a light massage on your face.
Rub the blackhead part more thoroughly and cleanse your face with lukewarm water.

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- Volume : 100ml

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