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Brand: Dr.Ceuracle
Product Code: Dr.Ceuracle_376666
Weight 173 g
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[Dr.Ceuracle] AC Cure Solution Blue One - 50ml

A water-like spot treatment formulated with salicylic acid for acne/trouble areas, helps reduce blemishes and skin redness.
At the same time, it gently exfoliates and clears the pores, leaving skin smooth and clean.
Contains Salicyclic Acid - Removes dead skin cells clogging the pores.
Contains Sopholiance - Extracted from wheat and canola, controls excessive sebum.

[How to use]
Soak cosmetic cotton butt or cotton pad with Blue One.
Gently apply on to the trouble spot/areas after cleansing morning and night.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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