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[Dr.Ceuracle] AC Cure Solution Dexcarnol Lotion - 150ml

A product with a high content of panthenol 3% and with niacinamide 2%.
These components are the "gold standard" for restoring the skin's protective barrier, which is necessary for problematic and reactive skin.
Lotion with a balanced pH level of 5.5 - 6.5 and provides a triple action:
1. Moisturizing the skin and strengthening the protective functions.
2. Soothe and restore the skin, reduce irritation.
3. Reduction of rashes and lightening of post-acne.
When developing this lotion, Dr. Ceuracle dermatologists preferred D-panthenol, which stands out positively against the background of regular panthenol.
D-panthenol is better absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, helps to retain moisture in the skin, and strengthens the protective barrier.
Contains panthenol, soothes and restores problem and inflamed skin, increases its protective functions.
Contains niacinamide, in tandem with panthenol, it helps to effectively regenerate the skin, lightens post-acne, helps heal rashes.
Contains licorice extracts, brightens and heals the skin.
Contains a complex of restorative components (centella asiatica, licorice root extract, purslane extract), relieves irritation, reduces redness, improves microcirculation, and also protects skin cells from premature aging.
Contains ceramides, help to restore the hydrolipid layer of the skin, reduce the manifestations of sensitivity and protect against external irritants.
The texture of Dr. Ceuracle AC Cure Solution Dexcarnol Lotion is light, cream-gel.
Leaves the skin hydrated, fresh and natural, without a sticky and oily film.
A product primarily designed for those with oily / combi problem skin.
For dry skin with rashes, layer the lotion 2-3 times.

[How to use]
After spot care, apply an appropriate amount to the whole face.
For intensive care, apply more to dark spots.

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- Volume : 150ml

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