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Brand: Dr.Ceuracle
Product Code: Dr.Ceuracle_377078
Weight 420 g
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[Dr.Ceuracle] Hyal Reyouth Lifting Mask - 1pack (10pcs)

Formulated with 6-Hyaluronic Complex to replenish tired and dehydrated skin with deep moisture.
Contains Vitamin B5 that forms a strong moisture barrier on skin surface to prevent moisture loss.
Mask sheet made with Gum Tree and Cotton fits on skin perfectly to facilitate infusion of active ingredients.
Dermatologically tested as suitable for sensitive skin.

[How to use]
Adhere the mask to the face, remove it after 10~20 minutes, and pat the skin gently to help essence absorption.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (30ml x 10pcs)

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