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Brand: Dr.G
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[Dr.G] Filagrin Barrier Balm - 50ml

This soft concentrated and nourishing balm is formulated with a unique blend of fermented oils for 120 hours at low temperatures to deliver excellent skin absorption and moisture to skin.
This innovative balm to oil formula envelops skin in a surprisingly lightweight but nutrient-rich veil of moisture, especially for skin prone to sensitivities, irritation and roughness.
Minimize loss of active ingredient of 7 kinds of fermented seed oil by 120 hours at low temperature fermentation.
Provides excellent absorbency and intensive moisturizing to skin.
'Silk Balm Matrix' with olive-derived liquid technology forms an oil-coated moisturizing film.
Pilagrinol creates Filaggarin that create moisturizing factors, making skin barrier firm and healthy.

[How to use]
Apply evenly an appropriate amount on the skin prone to roughness and sensitivity such as face, skin around the mouth, elbows, heels, and nails.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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