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Brand: Dr.Jart
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[Dr.Jart] Vital Hydra Solution Capsule Ampoule - 1set (2ml x 30pcs)

High function moisture ampoule without stickiness giving moisture soft skin.
Used high content of 5- hyaluronic acid (6,000ppm) with algae extract as a base in rich moisture blue capsule.
Once a day, one capsule (2ml) at once, skin irritation tested, dual function cosmetic (whitening + wrinkle improvement).
48 hours moisture lasting + instant skin moisture improvement, human body tested.

[How to use]
After face wash open capsule and apply onto face, pat for absorption.
Layer and absorb once a gain on easily drying areas.
Use excessive amount on face and neck to finish.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1set (2ml x 30pcs)

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