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[Dr.Liv] Before Get Fat #Green tea Extract

Purified green tea refining that reduces body fat from eating high fat, high carbohydrates.
It is a diet product suitable for people who enjoy fatty foods.
Green tea extract can help reduce body fat, improve antioxidant and blood cholesterol, and is a vegetable diet that is safe to eat over a long period of time.
The key ingredient of green tea extract catechin.
The chlorophyll is left as it is, and it is greenish and you can feel a little bity taste because it is the main ingredient catechin.
It is recommended to take it 30 minutes after meals, and it is recommended to take one tablet per day.

[How to use]

Take 2 tablets once per 1 day with water.
In the case of specific constitution and allergic constitution, please be careful because it may show hypersensitivity depending on individual.
Do not take the desiccant in the container.
This product is not a medicine, but a health functional food.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 18g(600mg x 30pc)

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