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Brand: EKEL
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[EKEL] BB Cream - 50ml (SPF50+ PA+++)

Snail BB Cream 50m /Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Sun protection SPF50+ PA+++.
Ekel anti-blemish snail BB cream contains various plant extracts like aloe vera leaf, lavender & rosemary and is formulated with Snail Secretion Filtrate to reduce damage & irritation of skin.
It offers rich nutrition & moisture to skin.
The cream covers blemishes, wrinkles & fine lines naturally protects skin against harmful sun rays with SPF50+/PA+++
The cream creates a calm, soft, smooth, radiant & flawless complexion Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

# Snail Gold
A BB cream enriched with snail mucus extract to balance the skin condition while improve the skin elasticity with the excellent regenerating effect.
It also deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and provides complexion brightening effect as the color capsule melts by skin temperature.
The patented ingredient formulated with 7 plant ingredients soothe the skin as well.

Pearl BB Cream 50ml /Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Sun protection SPF50+ PA+++.
Ekel Pearl BB Cream makes skin radiant and glossy with shining fine pearl.
Makes skin bright and radiant by offering luster to skin, as well as,
making skin three-dimensional in accordance with light angles.
Flora Bouqet Complex extract makes skin vital and glossy by keeping skin healthy, by protecting it from harmful environment factors and sensitive stimulus.
Pearl highlighter is built into this dual type container which
makes facial contour more radiant and three dimensional.

# Collagen
Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, resulting in superior hydration to the skin.
Has a brightening effect, gives the skin a natural inner glow.
Designed to mask imperfections in the skin of the face with simultaneous moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effect, UV protection.

[How to use]
Last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture.

# Snail
# Snail Gold
# Pearl
# Collagen

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml (SPF50+ PA+++)

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