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[ELISHACOY] Be Break Massage Cream - 185g

It contains abundant amino acid peptides with a structure similar to that of natural skin moisturizing factors, thereby reducing dullness in the skin and brightening the skin.
The triple prescription of vitality provided by milk thistle, nutrition of minerals and amino acids in birch sap, and skin soothing helped by aloe vera, cares for your skin carefully.
Contains lavender oil to relieve stress and help sleep.
A gentle cream helps the skin roll, and at the same time helps the skin absorb nutrients.

[How to use]
1. 1~2 time per 1 week, take an appropriate amount of the contents and gently massage the entire face using your fingertips and palm.
2. After thorough massage for 3~5 minutes, gently wipe the contents with a tissue.
3. After washing with warm water, finish.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 185g

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