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[ELISHACOY] My Balance Mist - 80ml

[My Balance Mist I pH]
A slightly acid mist that readjusts pH balance after washing and keeps the skin healthy.

[My Balance Mist I Oil-cut]
A balancing mist that absorbs excess sebum and rehydrates the skin.

[My Balance Mist I Cooling]
A cooling mist that instantly cools and calms heated-up skin.

[My Balance Mist I Essential]
An all-in-one mist that moisturizes the skin and forms a natural barrier to keep it that way.

[How to use]
Product will separate into a moisture layer and powder layer.
Shake well to mix it up.
Spray an appropriate amount on your face with your eyes closed, from about 15cm away, and pat lightly to assist with absorption.

# I pH
# I Oil Cut
# I Cooling
# I Essential

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 80ml

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