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[ELIZAVECCA] Black Head Solution 3 Step

Step 1 - Open & Clear up pores by cotton mask.
Step 2 - Absorbing blackhead by Nose pack.
Step 3 - Pore tightening care by bio cellulose mask.

[How to use]

1. Step 1 Warming-up Sheet : Apply the Step 1 patch on your nose to open up skin pores. Wait for 10~15 min.
2. Step 2 Blackhead Clean Sheet : Wet your nose and area around your nose with a generous amount of water, and place Step 2 patch for 10~15min.
3. Step 3 Cooling Sheet : After removing Step 2 patch and cleaning blackheads, apply the step 3 patch to close skin pores. Wait for 10~15 min again.
4. Apply the round contoured section in the middle of the pack to the tip of nose. Stick pack closely onto skin and let it dry.
5. Wait for 15 minutes. After checking dryness, remove dried pack slowly from the edges.

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- Volume : 1pack(10pcs)

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