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[ELIZAVECCA] Hell Pore Vitamin Bright Turn Peeling Gel

Peeling Gel provides mild and gentle exfoliation of rough outer layer skin, moisturizing to create clean and tender skin, at the same time providing brightening effect.
Peeling gel moisturizes and soothes skin which results in smooth and healthy skin.
Gently removes wastes and old keratin that have accumulated on the skin without irritation and gives a smooth and bright tone.
Tocopheryl acetate, also called vitamin E acetate, helps to protect skin and make it stronger.

[How to use]

Apply onto dry skin in circular rolling motions.
Provide gentle rolling massage.
At this time, the water will come out providing moisturizing care.
Avoid areas around the eyes and mouth - After you done with the peeling care wipe the rolled remains with a cosmetic tissue.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 150ml

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