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[ELIZAVECCA] Milky Piggy Herb Soul Hydro Aqua Jella Pack

It contains aloe vera extract 92% having soothing effect vitamin E , vitamin C and minerals make your skin moisturise.
It is gel item which is absorbed quickly.
It contains 92% aloe extract, Aloe vera is not only a natural skin sedatives, and while rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, minerals can moisturize the skin while shielding UV.
It is non-sticky gel that can rapidly penetrate into the refreshing cool while soothing the skin layer of the skin, while collagen contains ingredients to help the skin tender and delicate.
9 FREE system - paraben, animal ingredient, benzophenone, artificial pigmentation, dioxane, chlorphenesin, sulfate, formaldehyde, mineral oil, FREE.

[How to use]

Take proper amount of it and apply it on face.
You can use this as skin pack, body lotion, nail essence, after shave cream, eye pack, hair treatment, base makeup and moisturizing pack and cream.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 250ml

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