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[ERBORIAN] Glow Cream

From any angle, shiny dyed radiant skin
Hologram Gloss Base Erborian 'Glow Cream' is a revolutionary product that helps produce a more radiant, radiant, three-dimensional radiant skin.
'Glow Cream' gives you a 'Aurora Light Hologram Effect' that can be seen from any angle at 360 degrees as soon as it is applied to your skin.
The white milky texture transforms into a mystical aurora pearl texture that adds a 'hologram brilliance' to your face to make your contours look crisp and perfect, perfecting the radiance of your next makeup.
In addition, 'Glow Cream' is a special 'Brightening Complex' of Erborian which is composed of licorice, niacinamide and so on that awakens the radiance in the skin, and it makes silky and translucent complexion as if dazzling the dew.
At the same time, licorice extract gives skin soothing effect, and sensitive skin is natural and bright radiant skin.
'Glow Cream' that moisturizes the radiance from the skin without shine and dryness!
With Erborian 'Glow Cream', you can create radiant skin with dazzling dew and bright light from any angle!

[How to use]

[shining base]
In the make-up base stage, gently apply the daily cream on the skin, or mix with BB cream, CC cream and foundation.
Natural three-dimensional feeling, bright radiance helps skin expression.

When using it alone, you can finish your make-up, which is shining brightly.

[ Highlighter]
Apply to the area where you want to use the 3D effect.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 15ml

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