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[Esthetic House] CP-1 CO2 Esthetic Formula Carbonic Mask

It promotes skin metabolism by CO2 Bohr Effect.
Carboxy Gel and Carboxy Sheet generates CO2 and it is absorbed into skin cell deeply.
Plenty of O2 is delivered inside of skin cells by Bohr Effect, thus it promotes skin betabolism.

[How to use]

1. Apply skin toner after washing face.
2. Apply whole gel onto face thick and evenly.
3. Put sheet on face and tap gently every 10 minutes.
4. Take off 20~30 minutes later.
5. emove gel with tissue and wash with luke warm water without foam cleanser or soap.

Please use whole gel in 1 time for the proper effect.
Please keep gel inside of refrigerator before use for better result.
Some stinging can be felt during application by generating CO2.
Some redishness or heating can be felt by increasing of blood circullation, but it's removed soon.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (25ml x 5, 5ml x 5 sheets)

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