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[ETUDE HOUSE] Artist Gel Nail Sticker - 1set

A self-gel nail sticker that is easy and simple to complete with a unique design unique to nail artist "Onnu".
The perfect high quality of volume and brilliance that you can feel the difference at the moment of application.
It solidifies the liquid gel nail as it is, giving it a natural look like a real gel nail.
A self-nail that can be completed in just 5 minutes by applying it and then trimming it.
1 set - 28 stickers + Nail File 1pcs + Nail Prep Pad 1pcs.

[How to use]
1. Thoroughly remove oil and moisture from nails with the built-in Prep Pad.
2. Choose a strip slightly smaller than the size of your nails.
3. Perfectly adheres to the cuticle line so that wrinkles do not occur.
4. Fold down the remaining part by aligning it with the tip of your nails.
5. Erect the built-in nail file at 90 degrees and remove the remaining part drastically from top to bottom.
6. Complete your own nail art.

#01 Love Bebe
#02 Cherry Bomb
#03 Daisy Mood
#04 Heart Bouquet
#05 Aurora Beam
#06 I Dream U

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1set

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