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[ETUDE HOUSE] Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask Sheet

Two-step mask sheet application formulated with concentrated ampoule serum and essence moisture care.
Sheet mask made from cellulose fibers for better adhesion.

Step 1. First Dr. Ampoule: Synergy ampoule
- A synergy ampoule for mask to apply first before applying Dr. Ampoule Mask.
It manages keratin of rough skin after cleansing, hydrates, provides nutrition into skin, and helps Dr. Ampoule Mask sheet's contents get absorbed better and faster.

Step 2. Dr. Ampoule Mask: Cellulose fiber mask sheet
- Low-stimulus, high density, high adhesion mask sheet made of Cellulose fiber
- Containing full of contents between fibers and essential ingredients absorbed into skin deeply.
- Highly flexible sheet to be applied on face compactly to deliver high-adhesion special care.

[How to use]

1. Extract and apply #1 serum to face.
2. Remove and unfold mask sheet and apply to face.
Leave on for 15~20 minutes and remove mask.
Softly dab the remaining essence to get absorbed into skin.

#Soothing Care
#Lifting Care
#Essential Care
#Brightening Care
#Vital Care
#Luminous Care
#Age Care

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