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[ETUDE HOUSE] Look At My Eyes Cookie Chips 4000 Won - 1.7g

A single shadow that contains everything from a luscious shade that looks like it was freshly baked in the oven to chewy glitter.
A range of shades of various tones, from beige to brown light/medium/deep.
A limited edition look at my eyes that resembles real cookie chips not only in color but also in shape.
Soft fitting texture for layering shades.
The texture is easy to blend and melts without clumping even when multiple colors are layered with a subtle sheen.

[How to use]
Apply gently around the eyes using your fingers or a brush.

# BE123
# BR436
# BR437
# BR438
# BR440
# BR441
# BR442
# BR443

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1.7g

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