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[HANSKIN] Cleansing Oil & Blackhead

[PHA - Sensitive skin]
Viscous oil that provides a soft feeling to the skin.
Deep cleansing to sebum, dead skin cells.
The large particles of PHA are slowly absorbed into sensitive skin and gently manage the keratin and blackhead of the skin.

[BHA - Oily skin]
Liquid oil with 48% moisture gives a refreshing finish.
Deep cleansing to sebum, dead skin cells.
The fat soluble BHA ingredient and the vegetable sebum control ingredient control the keratin and blackhead of the skin which does not need it.

[AHA - Dry skin]
Moisture that does not pull even after cleansing.
Deeply cleanses sebum, dead skin cells.
The botanical oil helps care for the dead dead skin cells and blackhead that block the pores and gives a moisturizing feeling.

[How to use]

1. Apply an appropriate amount to a dry palm and spread oil over the entire dry face.
2. After gentle massage for 30 seconds, put some water on your hands and massage again.
3. Cleans your face with lukewarm water.


- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 300ml

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