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Brand: Holika Holika
Product Code: Holika Holika_386692
Weight 109 g
Stock 100
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[Holika Holika] Moisture Make Up Sun Cream - 60ml (SPF50+ PA++++)

SPF50+ PA++++ protects the skin from UV rays and protects the skin from strong UV rays.
It naturally adjusts the skin tone with a moist finish to create a bright and shiny skin.
Free of harmful ingredients oxybenzone and octinosate.
It contains the Salocor Moist system (urea, glyceryl glucoside) with excellent moisture retention to keep the skin moist.
Gem complex (amethyst, pearl, tourmaline, diamond powder) is contained to make the skin clear and lively.
As the skin irritation test has been completed, it gently adheres to the skin without irritation for a soft finish.

[How to use]
Last step of skin care apply onto sun exposed face evenly.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 60ml (SPF50+ PA++++)

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