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Brand: Holika Holika
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[Holika Holika] Prime Youth Black Snail Repair BB Cream - 40ml (SPF30 PA++)

Prime Youth Black Snail Repair series of products are based on the extract of mucin of the black snail, which contains a higher concentration of active substances than the usual snail secret.
It actively fights withering of the skin, smooths its tone, improves the regenerating properties and improves the skin turgor.
Revitalizing BB-cream is the perfect light-weight anti-aging product for mature skin.
This BB-cream includes two products at once - moisturizing skin care and make-up product.
BB-cream applies easily, is invisible on the skin, does not gather into wrinkles throughout the day.
BB-cream includes 40% of the black snail extract, which perfectly moisturizes and regenerates tired and dry skin.
Contributes to the disinfection of the skin, due to this, existing inflammations heal faster.
It is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient: the existing wrinkles become invisible, pigmentation lightens.
Does not contain parabens, artificial aromas, mineral oil, artificial pigment, benzophenone, materials of animal origin.

[How to use]
Apply thin layer of the product all over the face.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 40ml (SPF30 PA++)

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