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Brand: Huxley
Product Code: Huxley_317714
Weight 221 g
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[Huxley] Mask Oil And Extract

Cactus extract and cactus seed oil mix and transforms into an oil type texture right for the skin.
The anti-oxidant effect of cactus seed oil and moisture of cactus extract cares the skin.
The Micro Away™ sheet with super fine fabric with silky texture protects the skin from fine dust and helps quick absorption.

[How to use]

Fold the oil and push hard to pop the passageway between the oil and the mask, let the sheet mask absorb the oil, attach the mask, and lightly tap the remaining essence after 15 ~ 20 minutes to absorb.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack( 25ml x 3pcs )

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