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[TISHA] AC7 Spot Serum

Brightens, moisturizes, improves acne problems and skin troubles.
Focuses on the point where the product is placed and effectively takes care of it.
Use after your night face wash and with the finger wrap, massage the troubled area 7 times going up and down, left and right etc.
No harmful ingredients.
Consists of Niacinamide (known for it’s brightening effects) and 11 kinds of Dryopteris Crassirhizoma Extract that solves all acne problems with the help of Phytosilica.

[How to use]

After your night face wash, put on your finger wrap and massage the troubled area 7 times up and down, left and right etc.

1. It is recommended if you use the product without toner, as it will absorb better.
2. For acute troubled areas, extract with a cotton swab before using the product.
3. The use of AC7's Phytosilica may cause the face to redden and/or sting a bit.
4. For areas with various troubles, massage your face in a W shape.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack(1g x 3pcs)

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