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Brand: It'S SKIN
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[It'S SKIN] Life Color Lip Crush Over Edge


A melt-in, velvet-like texture gently blends in with the lips upon being applied while thinly embracing the lips and leaving a finish as light as a feather.
This pigment-rich lip crayon collection comes with 10 colors, produces excellent color payoff with a velvety finish.
The non-drying formula ensures your lips to stay moisturized.
The edgy tip lets you outline your lips precisely and make gradation effortlessly.
The Life Color Lip Crush Over-Edge offers 10 shades as below.

01 No Big Deal (Dusty Pink)
02 Such A Babe (Salmon Coral)
03 What A Woman (Sheer Rose)
04 Get A Life (Neon Pink)
05 You Look Fly (Violet Rose)
06 Not Normal (Real Red)
07 Chill Out (Chilli Red)
08 I Got Your Back (Deep Brick Red)
09 Level With Me (Sienna Pepper)
10 You Complete Me (Apricot Beige)

1. Matte Crush
Dead skin cells No, Dryness NO. Matte finish with vivid colors.

2. Over Edge
Sophisticated lip lining with pencil edge. Stylish Lip Smudge Gradient.

3. Lip Vibe
Adheres to my skin! Perfect lip color for my lips. Sensuous Color Shade.

[How to use]

1. Select a neutral tone to apply on the lip line, then apply deep color from the inside of the lips to complete volumed two-tone lips.
2. Fill the color fully to the lips, smudge the lip line with a cotton swab and finish it with a stylish over-edge look.

#01 No Big Deal
#02 Such a Babe
#03 What a Women
#04 Get a Life
#05 You Look Fly
#06 Not Normal
#07 Chill Out
#08 I Got Your Back
#09 Level With Me
#10 You Complete Me

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1.6g

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