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Brand: JMsolution
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[JMsolution] Life Shampoo - 500ml

It's a soft gel type, so it's sticky and rich in foam.
We have completed the hypoallergenic test and additive-free test to make it healthy and comfortable.

# Prime Gold Libre
It's a premium formula with 99.9% German purity and 24k gold ingredient with dull and weak hair It gives you a voluminous look and adds shine.
Sparkling floral scent of attractive lavender and orange blossom.

# Vera Violet
Contains Texas aloe vera leaf extract, which adds plenty of moisture to the scalp and hair to soothe it comfortably.
A charming scent with a combination of leekeris and violet.

# Marine Cotton
It contains deep Hawaiian marine water to fill dry and dry hair with moisture, helping to smooth hair care.
Soft powdery note adds warmth.

# Honey Gardenia
It contains Italian propolis extract and two honey components to provide rich nutrition to damaged hair and make it smooth.
A sweet scent that blends white gardenia's flower scent with fair blasome.

# Ginger Wood
Deep cleansing of waste accumulated on the scalp and hair, containing domestic ginger extract, and taking care of hair healthily.
The scent of figs and cedarwood meets and adds mystery to the woody scent.

[How to use]
Wet your hair and scalp with lukewarm water enough, put an appropriate amount in your hand, foam your hair and scalp, massage it, and rinse it cleanly with lukewarm water.

# Prime Gold Libre
# Vera Violet
# Marine Cotton
# Honey Gardenia
# Ginger Wood

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 500ml

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