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Brand: JMsolution
Product Code: JMsolution_375904
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[JMsolution] Marine Luminous Black Pearl Balancing Mask Pearl - 1pack (10pcs)

3 pieces of bright white balance care, and clean the dirt inside the pores, provide moisturizing moisture, bring clear and transparent skin care.
When traveling, tired nights, when you are bored with the management of the lock, you can bring the care of All In One with just one.
Enriched with pure sea energy, the moment of application, the cool moisture gives moisture to the rough and dry skin.

[Step 1 - Black Pearl Cleanser]
There is a rich sense of foam and lubrication, which can clean the harmful substances and excess keratin and dirt from the outside environment to create a clean skin.

[Step 2 - Black Pearl Balance Mask]
The strong black mask contains moisturizing moisture and essence, which is perfectly transmitted to the skin.

[Step 3 - Ocean Brightening Cream]
A delicate, soft, dilute, brightening cream that transfers moisture to the inside of the skin without leaving a sticky finish on the skin.

[How to use]
In a deep cleansing pore cleanser, apply a proper amount of water to make a rich foam and cleanse.
Remove the mask paper and attach it to the full face.
After 10-20 minutes, remove the remaining essence and massage gently to promote absorption.
At the end, apply the Ocean Brightening Cream to the entire face and promote absorption.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (10pcs)

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