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Brand: KRAVE
Product Code: KRAVE_346701
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[KRAVE] Oat So Simple Water Cream - 80ml

A no frills moisturizer that’s Oh- so simple.
Created with less than 10 ingredients, it blends into everyone and anyone’s skincare routine without a worry.
Feed your skin this skin-calming, water-bursting moisturizer when it’s craving some good old-fashioned hydration.
Oat So Simple Water Cream simply moisturizes and it’s no frills formula is truly skin-respecting.
Oat So Simple Water Cream is for her, for him, for them, for your best friend, for your coworker, for your grandparents, for your baby, for me, for you.

[How to use]
Apply Oat So Simple Water Cream in your moisturizer step, however much you need. No rules.
Reach for Oat So Simple Water Cream whenever your skin is craving some good old-fashioned hydration from this water-bursting moisturizer.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 80ml

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