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Brand: LAKA
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[LAKA] Just Palette

LAKA's pragmatic philosophy and neutral emotion.
With only one palette, it completes senseless look.

Color matching with perfect harmony of saturation, grain and finish.
Coated powder textures that are sharper yet gentle.
Even with sebum control, sweat and sebum are the first color control.

Get away from complicated blending and complete the sensual makeup suggested by LAKA with simple color combinations.

[Gentle] - Add a calm feeling to your eyes with a dark brownish shade, and mute the icing on the cheek. The gentle and sensual look is completed.
[Energy] - Finish the glowing pink beige color with the pearl of the Milky Way pearl and put the natural mono pink on the cheek. If you add your smile, finish your look today.
[Favorite] - Warm brown and light beige, give your eyes a natural three-dimensional effect, and color clear orange to cheek. The daily look you will love is completed.
[Vivid] - Neutral pink and nude beige lightly add a basic color to the eye, then touch the cheek color with a bright color. Totally new you will find your charm.
[Love] - Smooth rosewood color finishes the clear and clear look and adds ambiance to the gleaming cheek. It looks like a bold and lovely look is completed.
[Glam] - Shimmer Pearl, a blend of gold and brown, adds shimmer to your eyes and shades in natural ginger color. It looks like a casual look.
[Alive] - Complete the lively look with a blend of beige and medium pink, and color the transparent pale pink to the cheek. A lively aura is completed.

[How to use]

Gently apply the desired area using your hand or brush.

#01 Gentle
#02 Enerygy
#03 Favorite
#04 Vivid
#05 Love
#06 Glam
#07 Alive

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- Volume : 11g

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