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Brand: LAKA
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[LAKA] Lipstery

Look for a practical "look" for both men and women in twelve uncommon colors.
Amazingly lightweight and refreshing.
Moderate moistness that makes lip balm forget.
Translucent pigments make it easy to adjust sharpness.
Incenseless that respects everyone's taste for incense.

1. Joy
The familiar deep purple light that looks like deep red.
It is a unique burgundy that is not burdened but unique.

2. Yoni
A witty color suited to pleasant laughter.
Red, uncommon but never uncommon.

3. Chichi
Lovely color as you experience.
Attractive MLBB red to match the glow and gentle glance.

4. Rookie
Mysteriousness that brings vitality to all things together.
A rich and stylish scarlet full of freshness.

5. Jinie
Sometimes light, sometimes romantic.
The only orange coral I always want to have by my side.

6. Emma
Pretend to be a bold red, but secretly colored pink.
Good pink raspberry light point when you do not want to look nice.

7. Lucy
Sensual color suited to sensual eyes.
A pink coral that turns a playful smile into a signal.

8. Randy
Purple crushed pink in a classic color.
Purple light pink but ingenious.

9. Bird
The color of pure apricot plus brick's rhythm.
MLBB Coral Daily MLBB coexist youth and sophistication.

10. Jay
A color that looks like a casual look and an honest answer.
A natural deep pink that makes me feel better.

11. Harry
Simple, chic, yet sensitive color.
A practical MLBB brick that I find comfortably and consistently.

12. Vita
Lipstick How to make a color more lively.
A golden sparkling lip topper that is completely renewed when placed on your lips.

[How to use]

Apply gently along the lip line.

#01 Joy
#02 Yoni
#03 Chichi
#04 Rookie
#05 Jinie
#06 Emma
#07 Lucy
#08 Randy
#09 Bird
#10 Jay
#11 Harry
#12 Vita

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- Volume : 4g

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