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[LANEIGE] Layering Lip Bar - 1.9g

A 6 layered color lipstick that effortlessly creates a custom gradient lip look with one single swipe.
The formula glides on the lips to promote a fuller look with a vibrant color-payoff.
Contains natural oils to soften the lips while leaving a matte finish.

[How to use]
When you push the button down using your thumb, lipstick comes out.
Apply the deep colored part on the inner side of your lips.

Step 1_Lower Lip - Apply the Lip bar 2~3 times on the lower lips to get the main color stained on the lower lips.
Step 2_Upper Lip - Flip the Lip Bar over and apply it on the upper lip so that the main color could be applied on the inner side of the upper lip.

You don't need to rub your lips to make gradation.

#01 Layering Fantasy
#02 Milk Blurring
#03 Jealousy Red
#04 Orange Pleasure
#05 Witty Coral
#06 Alluring Red
#07 Awesome Pink
#08 Crushed Pink
#09 Quiet Pink
#10 Tasty Salmon
#11 Moody Red
#12 Stubborn Rose
#13 Bitter Rose
#14 Candid Brick
#15 Shy Beige
#16 Lonely Coral
#17 No Doubt Coral
#18 Fierce Fuchsia
#19 Genie Red
#20 Soul Red

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1.9g

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