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Brand: Mamonde
Product Code: Mamonde_344944
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[Mamonde] 24H Ice Rose Water Toner - 250ml

Freeze-to-use rose water toner for simultaneous soothing, brightening and moisturizing skincare, just like a sheet mask.
A whole new innovation created using the Ice Moisture Blending technology which stays unfrozen for 24 hours at temperatures of -18℃ to -20℃.
Skip all the heavy textures and complications!
One simple toner with sheet mask benefits finishes your skincare routine throughout the summer.
One-stop solution for your summer skin concerns to enjoy clear and bright skin.
Rose Water Toner, a perfect summer’s choice enhanced with 7 times the moisturizing and brightening ingredients of the original.

[How to use]
After cleansing, take out the toner stored in the freezer and take out an adequate amount on a cotton pad.
Wipe along the skin's texture.
(Using the toner at room temperature is fine, but it is advised to freeze the product before use to experience the maximum benefit.)

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 250ml

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