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[MAY ISLAND] Audrey Diapearl Cushion

Smooths and softens skin for a long time without getting dark.
Diamond, gold, and pearl with a gentle radiance expression and bright, luminous cover.
It is strong against perspiration and sebum with excellent adhesion force.
It maintains its long lasting without collapsing and darkness despite long time activity.
With Water In Oil formulation, it is gently applied to skin with a single touch, and it maintains a bright skin for a long time.

[How to use]

Apply the appropriate amount of content to the puff, spread it gently along the skin texture, and finish it by tapping lightly across the face.

#13 Light Beige
#21 Natural Beige
#23 Sand Beige

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 15g (SPF50+ / PA++++)

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