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[MEDI-PEEL] Eclat Perfume Shower - 500ml

A natural complex removes skin wastes that cause discomfort.
It provides a luxurious fragrance that penetrates into the skin more deeply by blending the fragrance undiluted solution as much as possible.
It contains moisturizing ingredients such as oats and hyaluronic acid, as well as niacinamide and adenosine to keep the skin moist even after drying.
# Romantic Floral - Fresh citrus floral fragrance (top: bergamot, middle: white flower, base: wood).
# Sexual Amber - Sensual Ammer Musk scent (top: Indian jasmine, middle: magnolia, base: amber).

[How to use]
Apply the product to a shower sponge or towel to make bubbles, rub it all over the body as if massaging, then rinse thoroughly with water.

# Romantic Floral
# Sexual Amber

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 500ml

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