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[MEDI-PEEL] Line Stone - 1pcs

A gua sha stone optimized for the face line.
A face yoga stone that helps with facial lines and elasticity.
It helps with smile lines, fine lines on the lips, jaw line lifting, body line care, etc.
It also helps with line care for the shoulders, back, and whole body.
It is easy to carry so that you can take care of it easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere.
It is designed to adhere perfectly to the skin, so it can be massaged by applying acupressure or stimulating the skin along the curved surface.
Length: 135mm x Width: 73mm, Weight: 110g, Material: Acrylic.

[How to use]
The wing-shaped three-dimensional design stimulates the face and neck by massaging every corner.

Caution !
1. Use after applying cream or oil.
2. Excessive use for a long time may cause skin irritation.
3. Be sure to wash the part of the stone in contact with the skin after use.
4. After use, keep it in the enclosed pouch to prevent scratches.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pcs

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