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[META FORET] 12PM Calming Toner - 150ml

The choice of META FORET Cypress, and Phytoncide.
The phytoncide contained in cypress tree helps to make the skin healthy and clean without irritation, by providing immunity improvement, antibacterial effects, stress control, and other effects.
No more fixing make-up on red skin with dead skin cells!
The standard of a skin like peeled egg.
Cypress Leaf Extract cleanses the dead skin cells.
You need a toner that can remove the residue cleanly, because when dead skin cells are piled up, the residue inside the pores increases to cause trouble and makeup can’t apply well on the face.
The phytoncide ingredient inside Cypress Leaf helps the dead skin cells and soothing of reddened face.
Dryness=Trouble, Repeated redness Double care of Madecassoside+Panthenol grasp moisture
If moisture doesn’t reach deep inside the skin, the dryness repeats.
Madecassoside and Panthenol, which help to keep moisture in the skin, take care of moist skin.
Milder, healthier, and longer with no chemical, but nature derived ingredients
Unlike chemical components that only aim for the result, we used nature derived ingredients which value the process.
Hypoallergenic ‘Calming toner’, that will strengthen the base of the skin.
It can be used for sensitive and trouble skins.

[How to use]
Remove the find dust and residue with gel cleanser.
After organizing skin texture with the toner.
Absorb moisture / whitening / nourishing serum depending on skin condition.
Finish the skin care by applying the recovery cream which improves the health of the skin.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 150ml

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