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[META FORET] Black Lemon Cleansing Oil - 200ml

Blacklemon Cleansing Oil dissolves heavy makeup, eyeliners, and sun cream wastes from your face without irritation.
Blacklemon Cleansing Oil comes with Charcoal and Lemon which are very effective natural cleansing ingredients for skin.
The perfect combination of Charcoal and Lemon removes dead skin cells, cleans pore-clogged skin and wastes after makeup.
Blacklemon Cleansing Oil absorbs sebum from pores, removes suncream, and makes up residues from your face.
You don't need to wash your face twice.
It's the perfect Cleansing Oil for sebum control. Lemon seed oil not only revitalizes your skin but also helps to keep your skin moist without feeling dryness
Thanks to the perfect match formula Charcoal+Lemon, one-touch Cleansing Oil is needed to reach maximal results.
Cleansing Oil cleans skin and removes even heavy makeup, pore clogged dead skin cells without feeling irritate even if used every day.

[How to use]
Use the proper amount of Cleansing oil on your dry hand and cleanse while massaging your face.
After cleansing, rinse thoroughly your face with lukewarm water.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 200ml

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