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[MIMI LAURYNE'S] Moment Body Lotion - 500ml

The mild break ends today. And this end will bring another new day.
So, it is worth to finish the day with three different scenes.
The dim-but-fragrant aroma with its own delicacy, in combination with its mild silage recognized by IFRA (International Fragrant Association), as such, it brings the best-relaxing time when you are about to finish the day.
Mr. Sticky, bye! Clear refinement, triplex skincare.
Moment body-lotions, using the three main materials effective for moisture, assuring nutrition recovery on the skin.
And at the same time, it allows you to stay with improved skin.
Camellia oil – it gets well with the skin and helps the preservation of moisture and skin soothing.
Honey - it removes dead skin-cell and refresh it with new types of nutritions.
With full package of the minimalism which lies only in the Mimi-Lauryne’s, you will find it more precious to have it on your side, forever.
Having been developed in 500ml big volume, no need to spare when you need to use it enough.

[#01 Muse]
The fragrance of fresh dew at the end of rose leaves.
A delightfully stingy lemon and bergamot, in harmony with delicate rose-fragrance, give you the freshest-ever silages.

[#02 Mellifluous]
Sweet and powdery tulip scenes.
The female and rich-smelling Frisian, and the blond-wood having powdery tulip-scenes, their combinations give you the sweetest silages.

[#03 gardenia]
Aroma of Gardenia giving us clearance and warmness.
Clear orange and neroli fragrance, calm and warm sandal-wood fragrance is added, so that you would just in warmness and softness.

*This product cannot be sold to Russia (including CIS countries), Ukraine, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

[How to use]
After bathing, apply lotion to the body and gently massage until absorbed.
Increase the amount of use in rough areas like elbow, knee, and heel.

# Muse
# Mellifluous
# Gardenia

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 500ml

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