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[MINITT] Moment Solid Perfume

Solid type perfume that offers sweet frafrances for a long time by maintaining the first soft touch.
The long-lasting perfume that you would always want to possess.
Three different sensual fragrances of MINITT which will provide dramatic sensitivity to your daily mood.
Gentle and soft solid type product.
Long-lasting fragrance.
Solid type perfume that offers sweet fragrances maintains the first soft touch for a long time.
The small and light product offering excellent portability anywhere and anytime.
The compact perfume with excellent portability that you can use it conveniently anywhere and anytime.
The soft solid type perfume that adheres to the skin softly and lightly is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives the soft finish.

Give Me Love - The powdery fruity fragrance that combined sweet fruit scents like sunlight and aroma of clean green tea.
Be My Dream - Sweet and romantic floral bouquet scent just like a freesia blooming under warm sunlight.
I Can Make You - Floral musk perfume that generates trendy charms through its refreshing fruity fragrance and rich floral scent.

[How to use]

Apply gently on wrists and behind the ears where your pulse beats.
Feel the delicate scent that spreads with your body temperature.
The soft solid texture can be applied to any body parts including the end of hairs, clavicles, or arm folding area so that you can sense the fragrance.
The perfume perfectly adheres on your skin after 3 min and offers no sticky finish.

# Give Me Love
# Be My Dream
# I Can Make You

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 10g

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