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[NotSeeBack] Drop In Muco Snail, Salmon Glycan, Caviar Collagen - 50ml

NOTSEE BACK DROP IN Line 100-Essence (100% effective ingredient essence) with core liquid concentrate of ingredients derived from animals and plants with skin structures that are close to human skin structure.
NOTSEEBACK is made of a single essential ingredient excluding harmful one and leaves nothing on the back of the product package.
Drop In Muco Snail is the 100% single-origin product made with the extract of mucopolysaccharide snail secretion, secreted to treat wounds quickly.
Salmon Glycan is the 100% single-origin product made with the extract from salmon, which is one of the glycoproteins that make up the dermis and a natural polymer.
Caviar Collagen is the 100% single-origin product made with the high-purity extract of fresh caviar that is not salted or processed.

[How to use]
Lightly prepare the skin with toner and take proper amount in the essence stage to absorb it all over your face.
When you first open it, please take the eyedropper and press the rubber to release air completely.

# Muco Snail
# Salmon Glycan
# Caviar Collagen

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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