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[Primera] Men Organience Special Set

Marronnier seeds with rich nutrients and vitality relieve stimulation and dryness.
Chamomile revitalizes men’s skin that is easily tired by urban stressors for healthier skin.
primera Men's Relief Complex and lavender extracts
comfort men's rough skin for healthier and more revitalized skin.

Men Organience Treatment Water - 180ml
Men Organience Moisturizing Emulsion - 150ml
Men Organience Purifying Cleanser - 25ml
Men Organience Treatment Water - 25ml
Men Organience Moisturizing Emulsion - 25ml
Men Watery Cream - 10ml

[How to use]

Release an appropriate amount after cleansing to apply evenly,
and gently pat for penetration.
After skin (water), release an appropriate amount onto your palm
and apply along skin texture every morning and evening.

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- Volume : 1pack (6items)

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