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[Primera] Natural Diffuser Sunny Citrus Garden

A home diffuser scented with 100% natural mandarin
and bergamot essential oil that gently infuses indoor spaces.

* Pimera Natural Diffuser Story
The round wooden dowels of primera's Natural Diffuser signify
the concentration of seeds' living energy prior to germination.
Each cylindrical dowel is individually carved and manufactured using
beautifully patterned hard cottonwood from broadleaf species.

Since the dowels are constructed with real timbers,
the dowels are not identical as expected in machine-made products.
Users may observe the slightly different textures of wood
-which is another attractive and pleasurable aspect of using primera's Natural Diffuser.

* Sunny Citrus Garden
The invigorating, refreshing fragrance enables users to visualize
freshly picked mandarins and bergamot on a sunny day.
The citrusy aroma of mandarin and fresh fragrance
of bergamot brighten up and fill up the interior like a gentle breeze.

[How to use]

* Turn the wood cap to open and open the silicon cap. Then close the wood cap.
Place 5-6 wood sticks to enjoy the beautiful fragrance.
(The fragrance will slowly diffuse through the wood sticks.)

* If the fragrance weakens, replace the wood sticks with new ones to enjoy fresh fragrance again.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 120ml

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