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[Primera] Wild Seed Firming Serum

The triple elasticity care serum provides the effects of firming-lifting-tightening
with the sprouting energy of wild beans, which never wither.

* Wild-Firming
The core firming ingredient in the Wild Seed Firming Line that tends to the skin
so that it is with firmness and solid with a concentration
of flat beans containing firming resistance factors and good substances
in germinated flat beans that are rich in amino acids.

- 2 times more concentrated Wild-FirmingTMsubstance rich in nourishment
such as amino acids, a collagen component, improves skin elasticity and wrinkles.
- Natto thread formula derived from black beans rich
in protein firms up and lifts sagging skin.
- Xylitol substance and black bean extract make skin texture dense
by strengthening skin barrier and improve skin elasticity around the pores.

[How to use]

Pump 1-2 times after emulsion every morning and evening
and smooth evenly from the inside of face for penetration.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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