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[SOMEBYMI] Propolis B5 Glow Barrier Calming Mask - 100g

Contains 560,000 ppm of real propolis obtained from bees to soothe sensitive skin concerns and provide radiant honey-luster skin.
Contains 50,000ppm of Manuka honey and 1,000ppm of chestnut honey to comfortably soothe irritated skin.
Containing 50,000 ppm of canola honey, it nourishes the skin and gives the skin a honey glowing elasticity.
Contains real chamomile leaves that help soothe the skin and real rose leaves that revitalize the skin to restore skin condition.
Propolis and panthenol (B5) are contained in an optimal ratio to strengthen the skin barrier and help skin barrier care.
Contains centella, tea tree, and mugwort ingredients to comfortably soothe sensitive skin.
It contains ceramide and hyaluronic acid, leaving only moist moisture after wash off with excellent moisture balance care.
The texture with a sweet honey scent spreads gently along the skin texture, leaving only fresh moisture on the skin without tightness even after washing with water.
Complete skin irritation test.
20 kinds of harmful ingredients free.

[How to use]
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on a dry face and apply it thickly, avoiding the eye and mouth areas, and gently rinse off with lukewarm water after 5 ~ 10 minutes.

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- Volume : 100g

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